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Soul Drive



SaveOurSoul was founded back in 2001 in The Netherlands by Theo Adams and Richard de Jong.
SaveOurSoul is registered trademark.

Our purpose is to promote soul music, urban music and R&B world wide. We do this by means of our radio programme and our website.

Radio show: The SaveOurSoul broadcast is every Saturday between 16.00hrs and 18:00hrs. With the best in Classic Soul and modern R&B on RosaDigitaal


How did the name SaveOurSoul originate?
Well, the expression Save Our Soul has been transformed by the founding members of the website and the radio programme to one word: SaveOurSoul. Where the expression Save Our Soul was originally meant to save a life, the SaveOurSoul-founders changed the meaning to: Save Our Soul (Music). Something like cherish the soul music. This was the first time that the expression: Save Our Soul was connected to soul music. They connected this expression to soul music because they thought that soul music was being neglected. They wanted to bring soul music to the spotlight again. Until then the word SOS was connected to saving people's soul or to religious music and activities. The background of one of the founding members from SaveOurSoul brought them to the idea to connect this expression to soul music. Theo Adams was born in Suriname, South America. When people over there talk about soul they mean soul music. If someone from Suriname says to you that they like soul, they mean the music. I like soul in this sense means I like soul music. This cultural background and the love for soul music led to the creativeness to invent the word: SaveOurSoul.

Since the invention to connect SaveOurSoul to soul music this great idea has been copied many times. Hence the websites that aroused after 2001, after the original website was launched. There are even singers and songwriters who got inspired by this new meaning to Save Our Soul. The expression SaveOurSoul is here to stay just like soul music. Keep the soul music alive!

Support your original, the brains that made the connection between the expression SOS and Sweet Soul Music.