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YAkoto Moody Blues | 2014

Y'Akoto - Moody Blues Title: Moody Blues
Artist: Y'Akoto
Label: Warner Music International
Year: 2014
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Her name is Y’Akoto and “Moody Blues” is her second full album. This German born singer-songwriter with African roots has different music styles on her album. Besides influences of soul music, reggae and rock you will also hear bits and pieces of Ghanaian highlife rhythms in her songs.

Y’Akoto has a voice that you don’t often hear. She might remind you of Nina Simone but sometimes there is a resemblance with Erykah Badu’s style of singing as well. In the song “Come Down To The River” some of you might possibly even think of Laura Izibor.

Y’Akoto however has developed her own style and sings about a variety of subjects. The single mother with a child is the theme from the song “Mother And Son”. Another theme is the freedom to be yourself, as you will learn from the songs “Perfect Timing” and “Now Is The Time”. The emotions that go with love you can hear in songs like “Forget” and “Without You”. Because of the title of the album you might expect the song “Moody man” to be a blues song. It also starts like a blues song but it unfolds as a bluesy soul track. Another song that has a lovely turn is “Tobo Darling”. It starts with an African rhythm then all of a sudden switches to almost a Nina Simone kind of song to turn African again. These ingredients make the album pretty exciting to listen to.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Come Down To The River, Forget, Perfect Timing, Now Is The Time, Moodyman, Tobo Darling, Don’t Call, In A War, Talk To Me, Without You

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