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Various Artists - Back To Detroit | 2014

Various Artists - Back To Detroit Title: Back To Detroit
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Spirit Records
Year: 2013
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A sweet compilation of the classic Detroit sound you will find on the album "Back to Detroit". The fourteen tracks on this album come from eight different artists. If you love the motown sound you will definitely love "Back to Detroit".

The album has been produced by Bill Bradford. The tracks really captivate the magic of the music from the motor city back then. Eight different artists will take you through the whole repertoire.

The "Back To Detroit"-album starts with "Love Flight 109" from Maria Howell. It is a sweet reminder of the times of Martha and The vandellas with the lovely sound of the tambourine. Another beautiful and soulful voice is that of Sonja Grier. Listen to her in "Been In The Storm Too long". You will be glad she sings three more songs on the album. The Groove Doctors in "Lock Down" will remind you of The Funk Brothers. Jimmy Styles with "The Cakes My Baby Makes" sounds so sweet and innocent. Gone are those days! You might fall in love with Thomas Moore in "Fallin'So In Love With You". It really makes you feel so good.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Flight 109, Been In The Storm Too Long, Hold On, Thief In The Night, The Cakes My Baby Makes, Glad I Found You, Fallin'So In Love With You

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