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Timothy Bloom Timothy Bloom | 2014

Timothy Bloom - Timothy Bloom Title: Timothy Bloom
Artist: Timothy Bloom
Label: Beyond The Sky Music
Year: 2014
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Timothy Bloom has a self-entitled album out. Including the "Interlude" and "InterAgain" it contains eleven tracks. Timothy Bloom is a singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.

The music on this self entitled album from Timothy Bloom is very diverse. He will rock you but he also has some sweet r&b songs on the album. There is even a complete piano song to be heard.

The "Interlude" reveals that Timothy Bloom is a real musician. The piano, the guitar, the voice, the melody, all these ingredients in "Interlude" are sounding very interesting. In "Stand In The Way" you feel that Timothy Bloom is here to stay. It is a song of victory and determination. In "Diamond" we hear rock guitars. More excellent rock music you will hear in the energetic song "For Love" and in "Live Without Her". The piano song "Underneath My Skin" is a song in the atmosphere of "All By Myself" from Eric Carmen. The duet with Dezi Paige called "A Long Time Ago" already feels like a classic. In "The Morning After" you might feel the same sensation as in "Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". This sensation might become more intense in "Rivers Run Deep".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Stand In The Way, A Long Time Ago, The Morning After, Rivers Run Deep, Underneath My Skin, For Love

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