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Shaun Escoffery In The Red Room | 2014

Shaun Escoffery - In The Red Room Title: In The Red Room
Artist: Shaun Escoffery
Label: Dome
Year: 2014
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Shaun Escoffery is back after 7 years with a new studio album called “In The Red Room”. Gil Cang who co-wrote all 12 tracks produced the album. The album opens with the first single Nature’s Call. This song is gaining airplay worldwide. The first chords of the song remind you of the Isley Brothers “Harvest For The World” and the first words are reminiscent of the Curtis Mayfield track “(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go” This song is so catchy that you cannot help humming it the rest of the day.

This album contains more music styles than just soul. The track Perfect Love Affair has a real bossa nova feel to it. The Harp and the flute on this track give it a laid back feeling. Shaun’s vocals top it off. Shaun who has done many West End musicals like The Lion King, Les Misérables and Tommy has a broad vocal range. He has not only done all the lead vocals, but also the backing vocals along with Gil Cang.

The album has several tracks, which could do very well, on mainstream radio stations. Like Nature’s Call another contender is Crazy. This song is a soulful pop song. Like the rest of the songs the production is excellent. Gil Cang does justice to all the tracks. There are two very short tracks on the album, You and Time. The first one sounds a bit theatrical, like it is a short song in a musical, where as the latter has hardly no vocals at all.

Get Over is Shaun Escoffery in Earth Wind & Fire mode. This song shows the vocal ability of Shaun Escoffery. He can hit those high notes. The variety of his voice makes this album such a pleasure to listen to. The last track By Your Side is one of the many highlights of In The Red Room.

It may have been a long wait for this new album to arrive, but the wait certainly was worth it. Shaun, together with Gil, have made one of the must have albums of this year. (RJ)

Stand Out Tracks: Nature's Call, Perfect Love Affair, Crazy, You, People, Do U Remember, Gotta Be More Than This, Get Over, By Your Side

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