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Joonie Contrast | 2014

Joonie - Contrast Title: Contrast
Artist: Joonie
Label: MondoTunes
Year: 2013
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The sophomore album of Joonie is entitled "Contrast". The album contains thirteen sensitive tracks. The most sensitive track is "Love Plea".

Joonie has succeeded once again in composing a lovely album. His style still sound fresh to the ear. Two artists featured on this album are Donald Hayes on the track "Far Away" and Elliot Yamin on "Life's Better".

Most of the tracks on the album are ballads. The song "Far Away" with Donald Hayes on saxophone has a nice latin rhythm. The funky track on the album is "She Got That Fire". It might somehow remind you of D'Angelo in his better days. Quality tracks like "Amazing" and "Timeless Love" set the tone for the album. A song to give you a sweet and warm feeling is "Sunshine". Very addictive is the track "Dreaming" which will really carry you away in a dream. Heartbreaking is the song "Love Plea", a song about how life can change within a second. A lovely piano song or maybe pianosonata is "No Tears". The love abundantly flows in "Slower". (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Amazing, Timeless Love, For You, Sunshine, Dreaming, She Got That Fire, Love Plea, Slower

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