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Prince Art Official Age | 2014

Prince - Art Official Age Title: Art Official Age
Artist: Prince
Label: Warner Brothers
Year: 2014
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The new album from Prince is entitled “Art Official Age”. It puts the Prince we all know back on the musical throne. The music is soulful, funky and funk’ n’ roll.

All the ingredients that defined the music of Prince through the years can be heard on the album. It feels like the rebirth of this artist.

The album opens with the funky dance rock song “Art Official Cage”. This is followed by the super funky track called “Clouds”. Deep into soul we go with the song “Breakdown”. There are funky horns too on the album. These horns and the rhythm of “The Gold Standard” will make your body move in the right direction. The music from Prince is still sensual, as you will notice in “Breakfast Can Wait”. Sweet romance comes down on you in “This Could Be Us”. This song has a sweet eighties feel. Another track to be mentioned here is “Time”. The music of the “Art Official Age” album is pure “FunknRoll” don’t miss it.(TA)

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