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Nico & Vinz Black Star Elephant | 2014

Nico & Vinz - Black Star Elephant Title: Black Star Elephant
Artist: Nico & Vinz
Label: Warner Bros/WEA
Year: 2014
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The debut album from Nico & Vinz is called “Black Star Elephant”. It is a surprisingly beautiful album from this Norwegian duo. The album contains fourteen tracks and seven interludes.

Vinz’ parents are Ghanaians while Nico’s father comes from the Ivory Coast. This African musical heritage combined with influences from Scandinavian pop has led to some wonderful music.

Nico and Vinz already have a major hit with the song “Am I Wrong”. The follow-up entitled “In Your Arms” possibly might do even better.

Just like “Am I Wrong” it is a song with a nice up-tempo rhythm but you already feel more of the African flavour in it. Besides these pop songs you will hear songs with deep African roots as well. The “Intro” of the album sounds pure African. Another track that gives you the real African feeling is “My Melody”. This song might somehow remind some of us of the Senegalese duo “Daraa J”. Nico and Vinz also must have listened to the crossover music from Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The duo’ s song called “Homeless” will take away any doubts if you might have them. The lyrics of these guys are so powerful and will encourage everyone to discover the fire within her or his soul.(TA)

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