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Jarrod Lawson Jarrod Lawson | 2014

Jarrod Lawson - Jarrod Lawson Title: Jarrod Lawson
Artist: Jarrod Lawson
Label: Dome
Year: 2014
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Jarrod Lawson has a self-titled debut album out. The album contains twelve tracks. The first half of the album sounds a bit jazzier than the second half.

Jarrod Lawson is a singer-songwriter and a very gifted pianist from Portland, Oregon.On his debut album we hear jazz, funk, r&b and even a bluesy soul track. On the track “ Spiritual Eyes” he might remind you of Jamiroquai.

On the first track “Music And Its Magical Way” you will instantly hear that Jarrod Lawson is a gifted pianist but you have to get accustomed to his style. But the Latin jazz track “ Sleepwalkers” will soon make you a fan of Jarrod. Stevie Wonder is one of Jarrod’s favorite artists. However if you listen to the song “Walk In The Park” you will be sure that Jarrod is also familiar with a band like War. It gets funky in the tracks “All That Surrounds Us” and “Gotta Keep”. The most soulful track is “Needed”. In this track you will really enjoy Jarrod Lawson’s voice. It looks like Jarrod Lawson has saved the best for last because in the blues song “Everything In I Need” he will carry you away to new heights.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Sleepwalkers, Walk In The Park, All That Surrounds Us, Redemption, Spiritual Eyes, Needed, Everything I Need, Gotta Keep

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