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Eric Roberson B-Sides Features Heartaches | 2014

Eric Roberson - B-Sides, Features & Heartaches Title: B-Sides, Features & Heartaches
Artist: Eric Roberson
Label: Dome
Year: 2014
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Eric Roberson's new album is entitled "B-Sides, Features & Heartaches". The album contains thirteen tracks. Eleven of them are collaborations with other artists.

It is always exciting to find out what Eric Roberson will do on a new album. This album is new in the sense that Eric's collaboration with other artists are bundled on this CD. On two tracks he is going solo.

The album starts with the song "Let Me Know" from Angela Johnson featuring Eric Roberson. This dance track orignally stems from Angela's album "A Woman's Touch". It is a sweet song that certainly will be one of your favourite tracks on the album. Another dance anthem to get your attention is "Games" with M-Swift. Hearing these tracks reminds us of the other side of Eric Roberson, his love for dance or house music. In total contrast with these songs is the track "Far Away GirL" with its country feel. The song with singer, poet and actor Wes Felton called "Postcards From The Edge" is a nice piece of art. You will love how DJ Spinna works on "Butterfly Girl". Is it a Love Unlimited Orchestra sound we hear in "This Could Be The Night" ?(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Let Me Know, Postcards From The Edge, Butterfly Girl, Far Away Girl, Games

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