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Tasha's World BLCK GLD | 2013

Tasha's World - BLCK GLD Title: BLCK GLD
Artist: Tasha's World
Label: Tasha's World
Year: 2013
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The third album from Tasha's World is called "BLCK GLD". It is the follow-up of the albums "Tasha's World(2001) and "World Domination"(2004). The album contains fourteen tracks including the "into" and "outro".

The music approach on "BLCK GLD" is somehow different from the approach on Tasha's previous albums. In the past Tasha was considered to be one of the first new soul artists from the Netherlands. On her new album she dives more into Latin music and into her roots from Suriname.

Tasha's World goes international on her "BLCK GLD" album. On the first single "Running" rapper Sean "SB" Butler from Chicago is featured. If you don't like rap you can listen to the duet "The First Time" with Ryan Toby. Tasha and Ryan really do their utmost to make something beautiful of this song. The song "Mellowdy" might be one to catch your attention. The main reason for this might be the participation of DJ Spinna on this song. A new feature on the album is to hear Tasha's World speak Dutch and to hear her sing some lyrics in the Suriname language. The Dutch words you can hear in the "Intro" and "Outro" while the Suriname language is sung in "Yeye". The Suriname word "Yeye" means spirit. Part of the lyrics Tasha's World is singing in "Yeye" are traditional lyrics that have already been known and used in the Afro-Suriname community, it is not new. On the flute in "Yeye" you can admire Ronald Snijders one of the best known musicians from Suriname.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Black Moon, Give Me Tonight, The First Time, Mellowdy, Give It To Me Low, Yeye

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