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India.arie SongVersation | 2013

India.arie - SongVersation Title: SongVersation
Artist: India.arie
Label: Virgin EMI
Year: 2013
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Soulbird India.arie has a new album out called: "SongVersation". The deluxe version contains twenty tracks including three SoulBird intermezzos. The soulbird really comes alive in the song: "SoulBird Rise".

The album gives us a complete picture of Inda.arie today. You will hear acoustic and non acoustic melodies on "SongVersation". On this album India collaborates with Gramps Morgan again.

The up-tempo song "Just Do You" will empower you to do your thing. It is a very motivational song with the right words. India.arie has always been good in choosing the right lyrics and metaphors. A testimony of this is the track: "Nothing That I Love More", a wonderful song. The song "Flowers" with an oriental taste also is a beauty. We have already had the chance to have some "Cocoa Butter" because it was the first single of the album. The spirit to live a free life is really found in: "Break The Shell". Also the sweet song "SoulBird Rise" is about live and learn whereas "Life I Know" tells a story too. The love for the big apple we find in "6th Avenue".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Just Do You, Nothing That I Love More, Flowers, Cocoa Butter, Break The Shell, SoulBird Rise, 6th Avenue, Strange Fruit

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