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Heston - Love Junkie | 2013

Heston - Love Junkie Title: Love Junkie
Artist: Heston
Label: Dome
Year: 2013
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The new album from Heston is called "Love Junkie". In eleven tracks you will be part of the at times dreamy world of the love junkie. There are two reggae tracks on this soulful album.

The rhythms on this album are really addictive. Time and time again you want to hear Heston and company sing these songs. It is nice to hear the voices of Chantae Cann and Sara Lugo on this album.

The opening song is the title track "Love Junkie". All characteristics of a junkie are taking a positive turn in this song. Well done! In "Love Space" featuring Chantae Cann we enjoy her sensual voice. The Spanish guitar and the percussion in this song are really delicious. Another one of your favourite songs will definitely be "My Only Question". The approach of this song might remind some of us of "Wildflower" from Skylark. The variety of music on this album makes you curious to find out what the next song will be like. When you try to describe Heston's voice some names that might come to your mind are those of Johnny Nash and Marvin Gaye. A beautiful song that we all will relate to is "To The Sky".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Space, My Only Question, Dreaming, Catfish, To The Sky, Come Away With Me

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