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Freeman Street No. 1 | 2013

Freeman Street - No. 1 Title: No. 1
Artist: Freeman Street
Label: C&B Seen Records
Year: 2012
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Freeman Street is a soul quintet from Cardiff, Wales The band has an debut EP out entitled "No.1" containing four tracks. Three of the four tracks are written by Simon Mansfield. The song "Summer Rain" is written by guitarist Simon Mansfield and singer Wade Collymore.

Freeman Street is specialized in soul and funk music. The band stays very close to the roots of this music style. The songs on "No.1" are taking you back to the hay days of the 45 rpm soul records.

Wade Collymore who is from Guyana is a sweet soul singer. The band is named after the street where Wade grew up in Guyana. Sometimes he might remind you of Smokey Robinson and someone like King Floyd. Also the backing vocals from the group Neighbours have to be mentioned. You will love the sweet harmonies from Helena-May Harrison and Sylvia Strand. (TA)

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