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Chrisette Michele Better | 2013

Chrisette Michele - Better Title: Better
Artist: Chrisette Michele
Label: Virgin EMI
Year: 2013
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The new album from Chrisette Michele is "Better". The Deluxe version contains twenty tracks. On the other version you will find sixteen tracks.

The album "Better"is the fourth studio album of Chrisette Michele. Featured artists on the album are: Wale, 2 Chainz, Bilal & Dunson and female rapper Nello Luchi. The tracks "Charades" featuring 2 Chainz and "A Couple of Forevers" have already been released as singles.

Chrisette Michele brings us good soul music in the title track. Also the songs "A Couple Of Forevers" and "Snow" are full of soul. The up-tempo track "Let Me Win" has some John Legend influences. A reminder of the guitar chords in "Hotel california" from The Eagles you will find in "Get Through The Night". Nothing wrong with reminders and inluences from great artists on the album "Better". That Chrisette is a jazz fan too you will notice on the track "Can The Cool Beloved" featuring Bilal and Dunson. Another sweet colaboration is the one with female rapper Nello Luchi from Brooklyn on "Love In The Afternoon". Although you might never have heared of Luchi before this track will catch your attention. Chrisette Michele is good in putting rappers in the spotlight. It is up to you to decide if she's even better on a solo track like "Ten Foot Stilettos".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: A Couple Of Forevers, Let Me Win, Better, Snow, Charades, Can The Cool Beloved, Ten Foot Stilettos, Love In The Afternoon

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