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Amel Larrieux Ice Cream Everyday | 2013

Amel Larrieux - Ice Cream Everyday Title: Ice Cream Everyday
Artist: Amel Larrieux
Label: Blisslife
Year: 2013
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The new Amel Larrieux album is called:"Ice Cream Everyday". It contains sixteen tracks. There are two interpretations of the songs "I Do Take" and "Danger" on the album.

We got to know Amel Larrieux in the nineties as part of the duo Groove Theory. After she left the group Amel started a solo career. The album "Ice Cream Everyday" is her fourth release as a solo artist.

Amel Larrieux has her own style of music. You will hear influences of hip-hop, dance, r&b, folk and many more in her songs. For example the opening song "Afraid" with a hip-hop feel is so different from the kind of electronic song entitled "Danger". Even bigger is the difference between the r&b song "Have You" and the sort of oriental folk and funk in "Trapped Being Human". In the song "Moment To Reflect" we discover some calypso music ingredients. The tracks "I Do Take" and "Ur The Shhh" are more in the modern r&b tradition. You will find the funk in "Orange Glow". A true hip-hop laden track is "You Don't See Me". This track might remind you of the song "The Next Movement" from The Roots. The addictive rhythm in "Berries And Cream" is very sweet.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Afraid, I Do take, You Don't See Me, Ur The Shhh, Berries And Cream, Moment To Reflect, Have You, Orange Glow, Don't Let Me Down, Trapped Being Human

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