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Winston Warrior Lifeology 101 Back 2 School | 2012

Winston Warrior - Lifeology 101: Back 2 School Title: Lifeology 101: Back 2 School
Artist: Winston Warrior
Label: Vintage R&B/Unlimited Wealth Entertainment
Year: 2012
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The new album from Winston Warrior is entitled "Lifeology 101:Back 2 School". There are ten tracks on the album including three mixes of the song "Elevator". You will also find a house/soul remix of Winston's hit song "Bad4U" on this album.

The album contains mostly sweet r&b love songs. The song "Keep Movin'" however is an excellent dance track. Winston Warrior has co-written all but one song on the album.

The song "Elevator" is the opening track on the album. You will love the metaphors in this song. A song of sheer beauty is the ballad "The Only Girl"(4Me). The melody, the rhythm , the voice, all ingredients perfectly fit in the song. Another great song with a very catchy beat is "Livin'My Life". You really want to celebrate on this track where old skool grooves meet with today's beats. More sweet vibrations are coming your way in "Still In Love With You". And have you ever had "Sex In The Rain"? The album ends with the lovely Dave Doyle House/Soul Mix of "Elevator".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Elevator, The Only Girl, Livin'My Life, Still In Love With U, Sex In The Rain, Keep Movin'

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