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Vivian Green The Green Room | 2012

Vivian Green - The Green  Room Title: The Green Room
Artist: Vivian Green
Label: Entertainment One Music
Year: 2012
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The latest music from Vivian Green you can hear in "The Green Room". That is the title of her new album. The album contains twelve tracks.

We hear a new Vivian Green on the first half of this album. On the second part of the album we hear a more familiar sound of this songstress. New things can be exciting but when something is familiar it doesn't mean it is bad.

The first half of the album is indeed exciting. It starts with the catchy song "Remedy" which will keep you focused. The next song is "Anything Out There". This song has a sweet R&B groove and it might remind you of some sensual Tony Braxton songs. The song "X" featuring Freeway is nice surprise. Somehow you don't expect a rapper to accompany Vivian Green on a track. The urge for freedom and a beautiful orchestration are very strong features of the song "Free As A Bird". The dance track in the Green Room is called "I'm Not Prepared". It might remind you of the remix from "Missing" from Everything But The Girl. A wonderful track with the sound of the sweet bass guitar is "Forever". (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Anything Out There, X, Free As A Bird, I'm Not Prepared, Forever, Still Here

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