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Various Artists Queen City Soul | 2012

Various Artists - Queen City Soul Title: Queen City Soul
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Spirit Records
Year: 2012
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The new album "Queen City Soul" is a compilation of three decades of music from Queen City. You will hear nine artists from Charlotte, NC, on the sixteen tracks on this album. Charlotte, NC, is known as the Queen City.

The tracks on "Queen City Soul" are a production from songwriter and producer Bill Bradford. The eldest track from way back in 1979 is a co-production from Bill with Sandy Bell. In all the tracks you feel the spirit and the roots from soul music.

The track from deep in the vaults is "(They Call It) Mr. Dollar's". The sound of the harmonica in this song takes us way back to the good old blues. But the album begins with the warm and soulful voice of David Cook in "Think It Over". A real voice showing real emotions is always a pleasure to hear. There are many more sweet voices on "Queen City Soul". Listen to soul sister Sonja Grier who thrives on the elements of the motown sound in "Hold On". Same thing to say about Pamela North in "Good Girl Gone" where the accent is more on psychedelic soul music. Debby Dobbins sounds really cool in "Cool" a lovely laid back track. The song "Snake In The Bag" by Mandyl Evans makes a nod to the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. You will definitely love the spirit of Charlotte Soul on "Queen City Soul".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Think It Over, Hold On, Let You Go, Good Girl Gone, Said I'm Sorry, Cover Me, Cool, Snake In The Bag, (They Call It) Mr.Dollar's

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