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Leela James Loving You More | 2012

Leela James - Loving You More ... In The Spirit Of Etta James Title: Loving You More ... In The Spirit Of Etta James
Artist: Leela James
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2012
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Leela James brings an ode to Etta James on the album "Loving You More...In The Spirit Of Etta James". Including the introduction song you will find eleven tracks on this album. Most of these tracks are covers from Etta James' songs.

First and foremost it is nice to have a singer from today's generation bringing an ode to the legendary Etta James. We know that Leela James knows her classics. Leela's debut album was entitled "A Change Is Gonna Come" a song we know from great soul artists including Etta James.

The album begins with the track "Soul Will Never Die" in honour of Etta James who died on January 20, 2012. Where Etta James was more rooted into rhythm and blues, rock and roll, soul, gospel and jazz Leela James is more into soul. You will notice this on the album. In her own style Leela James sings "Something's Got A Hold On Me". A sweet uptempo and moving song in a true Etta James'spirit. In "I'd Rather Go Blind" Leela James stays closer to the version of Etta James who wrote the lyrics of this classic. The percussion on the track "Damn Your Eyes" has a beat that might remind you slighty of "When Doves Cry" from Prince. On the original track you will also recognize it. Another sweet song is "Old Skool Kind Of Love". The album ends with a nice rendition by Leela James of one of Etta James' greatest hit songs "At Last".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Something's Got A Hold On Me, I'm Loving You More Every day, I'd Rather Go Blind, Damn Your Eyes, Old Skool Kind Of Love, At Last

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