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Joslyn Consider Me | 2012

Joslyn - Consider Me Title: Consider Me
Artist: Joslyn
Label: Dome
Year: 2012
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Joslyn is here to give you a dose of smooth soul music on the album "Consider Me". Her music allows you to take some time for yourself. You will definitely appreciate the eleven tracks on this album.

Joslyn Petty is the full name of this songstress with the warm and soulful voice. She carries on the tradition of the good soul singers. Most of the songs on the album have been written by Joslyn and her producers Rob Wannamaker and Craig Poole.

From the first track till the last one you hear that Joslyn is a singer and not a screamer. Her voice fits perfectly with the sparkling and not over produced sound on the album. You will be carried away by the sweet groove of the first track "Do Whatcha Gonna Do". A silky soul track which you hope will never end is "Never Ending". The funkiest song on the album is called "Used To" with those awesome backing vocals but you will get the flow too with "Supernatural". The title track "Consider Me" with its bluesy soul reminiscences is of a high calibre. For the R&B lovers there's "Love Surreal". But everybody will be chilling with the chill version of "Used To".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Do Whatcha Gonna Do, Never Ending, Used To, Consider Me, Love Surreal, So Cool

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