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Dwele Greater Than One | 2012

Dwele - Greater Than One Title: Greater Than One
Artist: Dwele
Label: Ent. One Music
Year: 2012
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The title of the new Dwele album is "Greater Than One". There are thirteen tracks on this album. The theme is the continuing story between a man and a woman.

The music on "Greater Than One" seems more accessible for a greater audience than on previous Dwele albums. Besides the ballads you will hear some nice club songs on this album as well. There is even a song where lust wins from the mind.

It are the recognizable daily emotions which will make the songs appeal to many a person. In the first song "Greater Than One Less Than Three" you will almost feel sorry for Dwele. He has lost his innocence. Once the innocence is lost there is room to grow by experience. So we soon learn that it "Takes22Tango" in a very sweet Dwele style. Nice about Dwele is that although he has his own sound it is rooted in the soul music tradition. Influences from Curtis Mayfield, motown and the phillysound are still recognizable in his new sound. We even hear a D'Angelo influence in the lovely duet with Raheem Devaughn entitled "What You Gotta Do". Michael Jackson is listening in from heaven on "This Love" where you will hear a nod at "Rock With You". The hottest club song is "PATrick RONald" while the most joyful one is "Special".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Takes22Tango, What You Gotta Do, What Profit, Obey, This Love, PATrick RONald, Special, Frankly My Dear

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