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Anthony David Love Out Loud | 2012

Anthony David - Love Out Loud Title: Love Out Loud
Artist: Anthony David
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2012
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The new album of Anthony David is entitled "Love Out Loud". It is his fourth studio album. This album contains eleven tracks.

Anthony David is an artist in the R&B tradition. However on his new album "Love Out Loud" Anthony is trying out different music styles. You will hear sweet reggae music , hip-hop, rock and some hot r&b tracks on "Love Out Loud".

As the opening song indicates Anthony David is an artist who loves creativity. The message in "Aspiracy Theory" is not to be afraid of something new. The general theme of the album however is love as expressed in the title track "Love Out Loud". It is a kind of march accompanied by the sound of the horns and the voices of the members from All Walks Of Life in the glory of love. An excellent pop song is the uptempo track "So Jaded" which is a co-production with producer Shannon Sanders. If you like authentic lovers rock you will love the reggae song "Livin'It Up". On this track you will hear the lovely voices of Demetria McKinney and Gramps Morgan from MorGan Heritage who has the role of hype man in the song. Another lovely and soulful voice is that of Algebra in the duet "Official". You will definitely go to the movie with Anthony if he tells what to expect of a "Movie Night". Anthony David can also rock your world as he shows in "A Way For Me".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Can't Look Down, So Jaded, Livin'It Up, Official, Sweet Pain, Movie Night, A Way For Me

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