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Frank Ocean - Channel Orange Title: Channel Orange
Artist: Frank Ocean
Label: Mercury
Year: 2012
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Eric Benet - The One Title: The One
Artist: Eric Benét
Label: Emm/Jordan House
Year: 2012
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Conya Doss - A Pocketful Of Purpose Title: A Pocketful Of Purpose
Artist: Conya Doss
Label: Conya Doss Songs
Year: 2012
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Incognito - Surreal Title: Surreal
Artist: Incognito
Label: Dome
Year: 2012
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Khari Cabral Simmons - Clementine Sun Title: Clementine Sun
Artist: Khari Cabral Simmons
Label: Dome
Year: 2012
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Goapele - Break Of Dawn Title: Break Of Dawn
Artist: Goapele
Label: Skyblaze/Decon
Year: 2011
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