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Rahsaan Patterson Bluephoria | 2011

Rahsaan Patteson - Bluephoria Title: Bleuphoria
Artist: Rahsaan Patterson
Label: Dome
Year: 2011
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Rahsaan Patterson will bring you to euphoria with his new album "Bleuphoria". On the thirteen songs on the album you will get into different moods and grooves. You can move and groove to the music, but you can also sit and simply let it in to you.

On the album "Bleuphoria" it is the first time that Rahsaan Patterson works with guest artists. Rahsaan is supported by excellent singers like Jody Watley, Faith Evans and Lalah Hathaway. The brilliant dance track "6 AM" with Lalah Hathaway is the second single from the album. The first single was "Easier Said Than Done".

The album begins with the up tempo and funky base track "I Only Have Eyes For You". Rock music and infectious funky rhythms we hear in another up tempo song "Ghost" featuring Jody Watley. What we also hear in "Ghost" is a sample from the LL Cool J classic "Phenomenon". The underground sound of the song "Crazy" with Faith Evans makes it an excellent song for the clubs. A song to take you to the roots of Africa is the empowering and spiritual song "Mountain Top". You will like the dreamy track "Makin'Love" where you really feel the pleasure coming up after the break. The album "Bleuphoria" is the testimony that music is a universal language. People everywhere will enjoy the heavenly track "Insomnia". A really divine track for clubbing is "God". You can fully enjoy Rahsaan's warm voice in the outstanding ballad "Miss You". Sweet R&B vibrations will take you higher in "Goodbye".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I Only Have Eyes For You, Ghost, Stay With Me, Miss You, Goodbye, Bleuphoria, 6AM, Mountain Top, Insomnia, God

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