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Mint Condition 7... | 2011

Mint Condition - 7... Title: 7...
Artist: Mint Condition
Label: Shanachie Records
Year: 2011
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The album entitled "7..." is the new album from Mint Condition. It contains eleven tracks including an instrumental called "Bossalude". This might be a reminder that Mint Condition is a band and not only a vocal group.

With the album "7..." Mint Condition celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Their debut album "Meant To Be Mint" was released in 1991. Twenty years later Mint Condition is still going strong.

The album has an energetic start with the track "Can't Get Away". The funky sounds of the bass, the keyboards and the drums is all there. Also the familiar voice of Stokley reminds you that Mint Condition is talking now. But speaking about Stokley you don't speak about talking but about singing. This singer has a great voice which is a strong feature of the band. The highly soulful track "Caught My Eye" must have caught your ear by now. Another great song is "Ease The Pain" where you can hear that Mint Condition and De La Soul are from the same generation. The charming Kelly Price makes a lovely contribution to the passionate R&B song "Not My Daddy". Very sweet and one to be proud of is the song "Unsung". It is always good to reflect as MC does in "20 Years Later".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Can't Get Away, I Want It, Mindslicka, Caught My Eye, Ease The Pain, Unsung, Not My daddy, 20 Years Later

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