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Mary J Blige My Life II - The Journey Continues Act 1 | 2011

Mary J. Blige - My Life II: The Journey Continues Title: My Life II - The Journey Continues Act 1
Artist: Mary J. Blige
Label: Geffen Records
Year: 2011
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You will find fourteen tracks on "My Life II - The Journey Continues Act 1" from Mary J Blige including the intro. Mary receives male support from rappers: Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Nas and Drake. Female support comes from Beyoncé.

Roughly you have three categories of music on the album "My Life II - The Journey Continues Act 1". Besides an oldskool hiphop song ft. Nas there are mainly dance tracks at the beginning of the album. After the dance tracks the hiphop comes in which is followed by laid back music.

On "My Life II - The Journey Continues Act 1" Mary J Blige has saved the best for last. The last song "Living Proof" which is about individual freedom feels like a country-gospel song which touches the heart and soul. It is preceded by the almost acoustic song "Need Someone" which is a real tearjerker. On "Love A Woman" Beyoncé helps Mary J Blige to explain how to do this in the proper way. In the hiphop section of the album the track called "Mr. wrong" featuring Drake will grab your attention. Two tracks with the same theme are "No Condition" and "Why" featuring Rick Ross. The latter might appeal more to you. While some might make a "Midnight Drive" to get a hot snack Mary leaves her place for the sweet kisses. A good reason for Mary to stay home is when Busta Rhymes drops by go the "Next Level". On Mary's rendition of the Chaka Khan classic "Ain't Nobody" you will definitely dance.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Feel Inside, Next Level, Mr. Wrong, Why, Love A Woman, Need Someone, Living Proof

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