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Lenny Harold The Journal Of Wonders | 2011

Lenny Harold - The Journal Of Wonders(Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth) Title: The Journal Of Wonders(Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth)
Artist: Lenny Harold
Label: BlackBelt Music Group
Year: 2011
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Lenny Harold has a great album out entitled "The Journal Of Wonders (Tale of the phoenix in the moon labyrinth)". This artwork contains fourteen special songs for people who love the art of music. It is an album that will fascinate you from the beginning till the end.

Lenny Harold, formerly known as Chanj, has won the amateur night at the Apollo several times. This achievement might drive your thoughts in a certain direction of how Lenny Harold's music would sound like. Probably you will find out that "The Journal Of Wonders" is completely different than you might have expected.

Phoenix means a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect. Lenny Harold is truly a phoenix in respect to the music he brings you on "The Journal Of Wonders". All different kind of musical genres are to be found on the "Tale of the phoenix in the moon labyrinth". The opening song "The Phoenix Cry" is of sheer beauty. In the exciting and spectacular song "There It Is" we find a big resemblance with the voice of Rahsaan Patterson. You will get the feeling that Lenny Harold can sing anything from rock to opera and from r&b to pop. In "Understand Me" we hear the cool samba sound from Brazil. But in "Love At The End" you will find ingredients from the blues and gospel and a voice reminding you of Prince. The funky "Voodoo" track will sound more familiar to people who are all into soul music. If you are into R&B you have to listen to "Waiting On yesterday". The music on "The Journal Of Wonders" is music without limits.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: The Phoenix Cry, There It Is, Helpless, In My Arms, Understand Me, Waiting On Yesterday, Voodoo, Love At The End

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