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Kelly Price Kelly | 2011

Kelly Price - Kelly Title: Kelly
Artist: Kelly Price
Label: My Block
Year: 2011
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Kelly Price has a new album out simply entitled "Kelly". One of the tracks is called "Feels So Good" which is a good description of the music on this album. The theme of the album is the complexity of love.

Kelly Price is a woman with soul. She expresses her feelings in different ways on the album "Kelly". Sometimes Kelly screams it out and at times she keeps it cool.

You will feel exactly what she sings about in the nice opening track "Tired". When Kelly moves you will also move with her in the up tempo song "And You Don't Stop". It is a pleasant surprise that the duet with Stokley from Mint Condition which is featured on their album is also included on "Kelly". The song "Himaholic" is a testimony that were all made from flesh and blood. Ladies who need girl power have to listen to "Feels So Good". The old school feeling comes back in the beautiful song "You Don't Have To Worry". Like many soul singers Kelly has a church background. This you will discover in "Get Right Or Get Left" a song which is a reminder of how soul music originated. A very recognizable situation in daily love life is portrayed in "Lil Sumn-Sumn". It feels so good to hear "Kelly" sing again.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Tired, And You Don't Stop, Not My Daddy, Himaholic, The Rain, Vexed, Speechless, Feels So Good, You Don't Have To Worry, Lil Sumn-Sumn, Get Right Or Left.

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