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Joe The Good The Bad The Sexy | 2011

Joe - The Good the Bad the Sexy Title: The Good The Bad The Sexy
Artist: Joe
Label: Kedar
Year: 2011
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The new album from R&B crooner Joe is entitled "The Good, The Bad, The Sexy". From the three elements in the title the sexy one is the most highlighted in the eleven songs on this album.

The album "The Good, The Bad, The Sexy" is very melodic. It is so nice to hear the sounds of guitars in R&B music again. Above all it feels good to hear a real balladeer at work.

The ladies surely will feel a sweet sensation when the gentleman Joe sings "Time Of Your Life". In "Almost There" with its awesome melody Joe's lyrics are coming from deep inside. They are so full of emotions which will make you shiver. You will realize that there are not many singers who can sing a slow gem as good as Joe. A nice suggestion how to start your weekend you will find in the innocent song "Slow Kisses". Not so innocent is "Lose Control" where the way is paved for the next song on the album. That song is called "Tonight" and is a real invitation to make love or even make a baby. But it can get sexier and hotter. This happens when daddy with his dark voice promises to come over. When he is finally there it is time to "Drink Up".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Time Of Your Life, Almost There, Dear Joe, Slow Kisses, Tonight, Drink Up

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