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Heston Warm Human Cold World | 2011

Heston - Warm Human Cold World Title: Warm Human Cold World
Artist: Heston
Label: Dome
Year: 2011
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The third album of singer-songwriter Heston is entitled "Warm Human Cold World". On the ten songs on this album Heston is exploring the feeling of love. In the last song "Greatest Lover" this exploring reached its apotheosis.

It is like Heston has decided to make us feel comfortable and at ease on the album "Warm Human". The overall sound is kind of acoustic and Heston's melancholic voice can make you dream away. The reggae song "Right Here" might remind you of the island Dominica in the Caribbean where Heston was born.

In the first song "Outside Your Window" Heston makes you enjoy the intimacy of your room. Somewhere in this song he reflects to "Don't disturb this groove" from R&B duo The System which gives you the right feeling. The song where people will instantly react on is "Warm Human". Because the lyrics from "Warm Human" will appeal to many people in a world that is very complicated. A nice feature on the album booklet is that Heston explains how the songs came about. In the songs "For Love" and "You" you will feel a cool breeze protecting you from a hot desert sun. The feeling we all know in our search for love is described in detail in "Lonely In My Room". One of the more up-tempo and funky songs on Heston's album is "My Kinda Lady". Finally Heston goes all the way in "Greatest Lover".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Outside Your Window, Warm Human, For Love, You, Lonely In My Room, My Kinda Lady, Greatest Lover

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