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Eric Roberson Mister Nice Guy | 2011

Eric Roberson - Mister Nice Guy Title: Mister Nice Guy
Artist: Eric Roberson
Label: Dome
Year: 2011
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Eric Roberson's new album is entiteld "Mister Nice Guy". It is the eighth studio album of this songwriter, singer and producer. The album contains fifteen tracks.

The whole album is very pleasant to listen to. Eric Roberson has worked with different co-writers on all the songs. These co-writers generally produced the songs they have co-written and sometimes also sing on the tracks.

On the catchy summer song "Summertime Anthem" Chubb Rock is singing along. In the sweet love song "Picture Perfect" we hear the voice of rapper Phonte. Hezekiah has his part in the song exploring the "Male Ego". The musical ingredients are hiphop, R&B, soul and we also hear electropop influences. The lyrics of the songs reveal clever literacy of the writers and they certainly will appeal to you. A beautiful track called "The Magician" might remind you of "SideShow" from the great band The Stylistics. In "At The Same Time" we hear real soul music. You will love the wisdom that speaks from "Shake Her Hand". The song "Try Love" is one that you should play or at least think of every day. A great song of gratitude is "All For Me". (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Strangers, Summertime Anthem, Picture Perfect, Shake Her Hand, The Magician, How Would I Feel, Male Ego, Try Love , All For Me

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