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Donald Sheffey Between You And I | 2011

Donald Sheffey - Between You And I Title: Between You And I
Artist: Donald Sheffey
Label: Weezie
Year: 2011
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The new Donald Sheffey album is entitled "Between You And I". This album is very pleasant to hear due to the nice variety you will find in the twelve songs. Apart from the ballads on this album you will also find some hot dance tracks and even a cool jazz song on it.

It is difficult to compare voices but Donald Sheffey's voice might slightly remind you of Will Downing. A sweet soulful and pleasant voice which can be smooth or powerful when necessary. The catchy mix of music and vocals are the succesful ingredients of the album "Between You And I".

Right from the start you know that the music is good when you hear "Good Times". It gets even better when "I'm Bumping To It" urges you to the dance floor. After these uptempo tracks you can cool down with "Loving You Today" a bit in the style of "Mornin'" from Al Jarreau. Some delicious funky sounds we find in the track "Take You Home". A cool kind of jazzy song is "Gifted" with a Brazilian beat. The title track "Between You And I" is very addictive with its exciting and sensuous rhythm. For all the steppers in the world there is the nice stepping song simply called "Steppin'Out". You can nicely dream away on Donald's voice in the spacey synthesizer sounds of "One For Me". One of the sweetest ballads on the album is "For Your Love"(TA).

Stand Out Tracks: Good Times, I'm Bumping To It, Loving You Today, Take You Home, Gifted, You And I, One For Me, For Your Love

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