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Charles Bradley No Time For Dreaming | 2011

Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming Title: No Time For Dreaming
Artist: Charles Bradley
Label: Dunham Records
Year: 2010
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At age sixty two Charles Bradley has made his dream come true with his debut album "No Time For Dreaming". The voice of a man who knows of pleasure and pain is sharing twelve songs with you on this excellent soulful album. Charles Bradley is accompanied by The Menahan Street Band which have reinvented the vintage soul sound.

The man from the street Charles Bradley together with The Menahan Street Band is an awesome soulful combination. Stories from life are told on the soulful rhythms of the street where there is fierce competition to succeed. Love, disappointment, the struggle to survive, heartaches and pain are the themes on "No Time For Dreaming".

Charles Bradley has been greatly influenced by the Godfather of soul James Brown. However Charles has his own style and his own sweet soulful voice. It feels like Bradley has experienced everything he sings about in real life as well. In the song "The World (Is Going Up In Flames)" you really feel the pain. Another song about the real life is "Heartaches And Pain". But life not only exists of pain, it can be wonderful when you find true love. This sensational feeling of love you will discover in the sweetest love song "Lovin'You, Baby". The song "Lovin'You, Baby" will also remind some of us of the great Bobby Harris song "Mr.Success". The blues and soul sound we know from Clarence Carter in a song like "Patches" we will find back in "Why Is It So Hard". Feel free to cry when Charles Bradley sings the heartbreaking song "Heartaches And Pain".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: The World, Golden Rule, Lovin'You Baby, In You, Why Is It So Hard, Since Our Last Goodbye, Heartaches And Pain

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