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Carl Thomas Conquer | 2011

Carl Thomas - Conquer Title: Conquer
Artist: Carl Thomas
Label: Verve Forecast
Year: 2011
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The new album from Carl Thomas is entitled "Conquer". On this album you will find eleven tracks. It is the follow up of "So Much Better" from 2007.

The album starts with some rocks songs which feels pretty good. The sweet up-tempo opener "The Night Is Yours" will arouse your curiosity of which direction the singer might be going. In this song and much more in "Long Distance Love Affair" Carl Thomas'approach to the music might remind you of John Legend.

The tilte track "Conquer"is also a nice pop rock song. This is a nice surprise because many people expect pure R&B from Carl Thomas. The R&B fans will be very pleased with "Round 2" with its hypnotic R&B melody. More sweet R&B you can hear in the lovely song "It Is What It Is" and in "Sweet Love". A vintage soul track is "Don't Kiss Me" which takes you back to the times of the real sweet soul ballads. For the lovers there is a remix of this track featuring Snoop Dogg on this album as well. Another track to keep on rocking is "It's Not The Same". A real motivational song is the last track called "Running"(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: The Night Is Yours, Round 2, It's Not The Same, Don't Kiss Me, It Is What It Is

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