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Anthony Hamilton Back To Love | 2011

Anthony Hamilton - Back To Love Title: Back To Love
Artist: Anthony Hamilton
Label: RCA
Year: 2011
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Anthony Hamilton's fourth album is called "Back To Love". The album consists of twelve songs. Among these songs you will find a real bues song and also a rock song.

The blues track is entitled "Mad" while you can rock with Anthony in "Sucka For You". On the album you will also find the catchy duet with Keri Hilson entitled "Never Let Go". The socially engagement of Anthony we hear in the song "Baby Girl".

The smooth soulful voice of Anthony Hamilton in "Back To Love" is his trade mark. Together with the reggae-like bass guitar in this track you will get a wonderful listening experience. Anthony also has a kind of preacher's voice which we hear in songs like "Writing On The Wall" and "Pray For Me". Depending on the song he sings we hear one voice or the other which is a quality of the singer. One of the finest and coolest tracks is "Best Of Me". A sweet pop song is "Who's Loving You". With the song "Mad" Anthony Hamilton dives into the blues. Another lovely song to simply enjoy is "I'll Wait". A true and very beautiful song about life is "Life Has A Way"(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Back To Love, Woo, Pray For Me, Best Of Me, Never Let Go, I'll Wait, Sucka For You, Who's Loving You, Life Has A Way

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