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Anthony David As Above So Below | 2011

Anthony David - As Above So Below Title: As Above So Below
Artist: Anthony David
Label: Dome
Year: 2011
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As Above So Below is Anthony David's third album with new music. The themes on this album are love, social engagement, politics and bad religion. The album "As Above So Below" contains twelve tracks including an outro of the title track.

It is always a huge advantage if a singer is capable to sing about more than only love. This diversity in items leads to more diversity in music, melodies and methaphors. All these elements together make the album "As Above So Below" very interesting.

The track "Forever More" featuring Algebra and Phonte already is a success. Another song to appeal to much people is the haunting title track "As Above So Below". A famous song on the album is the cover of "Rule The World" originally a song from Tears For Fears. Some soulful reggae, a bit in the Luciano style, you will hear in "Body Language". The beautiful song "Girlfriend" feels like it has been inspired by The Police and Prince. A track with a completely different flavour is "Keep You Around". It sounds like Haitian folk music combined with comtemporay urban sounds. On Anthony's first album "3 Chords & the Truth" we have "The Krooked Kop". On his second "The Red Clay Chronicles" the critical note is in the title track. On "As Above So Below" listen to the story that has been told in "Backstreet".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: As Above So Below, Let Me In, Forever More, Reach Ya, God Said, Girlfriend, Keep You Around, Backstreet

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