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Sade - Soldier Of Love | 2010




Sade - Soldier of Love
Title: Soldier Of Love
Artist: Sade
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Year: 2010

After ten years a new Sade album is out entitled "Soldier Of Love". There are ten tracks on the album. The singer Sade Adu still has that typical voice that brought her so much success in the past.

Soldier of love is an album with songs where the lyrics are important to listen to. The music although mostly quiet is sometimes very energetic with the roaring guitars. Love is the theme of the album and it is celebrated and lamented.

The first song "The Moon And The Sky" gives you the feeling of longing for a lost love, a lamentation. In "Soldier Of Love" you will get convinced that love will always come around, you have no reason to panic. Listening to these songs you will notice that Sade has found a new sound to their music. It is not as smooth as we used to hear in a song like "Smooth Operator". It is tougher. Still a bit of the old Sade comes back in the beautiful track "Long Hard Road". Some kind of loversrock you will find in "Babyfather". A song that will get to you right from the start is "In Another Time". It has that classic soul feeling which even starts before Sade Adu begins to sing. Another favourite of you might become "Skin" with it's underlying hiphop-beat.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: The Moon And The Sky, Soldier Of Love, Babyfather, Long Hard Road, In Another Time, Skin

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