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Kem Intimacy Album III | 2010

Kem - Intimacy album III Title: Intimacy album III
Artist: Kem
Label: Universal Motown Records
Year: 2010
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The third album of Kem is entitled "Intimacy album III". On the ten songs on this album Kem romantically explores the field of intimacy. The women are the subject of adoration in KEM's romantic world of music.

All the sweet things we want to hear Kem whispers in our ears. The whispers mostly on a sweet piano melody are alternated with powerful vocals where Kem perfectly holds the notes. Kem's beautiful, smooth and sensual voice will remind you every now and then of Lionel Richie and The Commodores.

The first track "When I'm Loving You" feels like a soul bossa nova song with a smooth flowing rhythm. On "Love Never Fails" it is the intro which immediately feels right and keeps your attention. The same thing happens in the hit song "Why Would You Stay", where you also hear the similarity with Lionel Richie's voice. In "Share My Life" you might feel the sound waves with the great song "On The Ocean" from K'Jon. You might not miss the way Kem uses fingers and toes in "Human Touch", very intimate and lovely. The song you have to play not only on mother's day is "A Mother's Love" for all the sweet mama's out there. How nice from Kem to collaborate with two great sounding women on two very nice tracks. You will hear Jill Scott's golden voice on the jazzy song "Golden Days" which she co-wrote with Kem. In this track Kem sings a bit in the scat singing style that we know from AL Jarreau. You will also notice the deep and soulful voice of Maurissa Rose on "If It's Love".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: When I'm Loving You, Love Never Fails, Share My Life, Human Touch, If It's Love, Why Would You Stay, Golden Days

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