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Jeff Hendrick Color Blind | 2010

Jeff Hendrick - Color Blind Title: Color Blind
Artist: Jeff Hendrick
Label: Bout Time
Year: 2010
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Jeff Hendrick brings back the dancing and romancing in the music on his album "Color Blind". In his own unique style on "Color Blind" Jeff Hendrick will make you feel alright. On the eleven soulful songs on the album we enjoy the good things in life with him.

Jeff Hendrick is a singer, songwriter, saxophonist and producer who will capture your heart. The soulful melodies he sings with his sexy voice are a pleasure to hear. Jeff loves music and music loves Jeff.

The opening track "Back To The Days" puts you in the right mood to enjoy the whole album. You will be completely mesmerized by the love song "Be Around You" with that beautiful guitar. Another song to dream away is the duet "Be Yours" with the lovely voice of Shannon Paige. In "Color Blind" a song so true and sweet we feel the tension that we know from a song like "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" from the Temptations. A lovely modern R&B dance track is "How DO I" with that very catchy groove. Jeff Hendrick gives us a lot of sunshine and beauty in "Island Girl" a bit in the style of Enrique Iglesias but really hot. If you like stepping you have to catch the rhythm that is telegraphed by the song "It's Alright". Saturdays in general feel good but they feel even better when you listen to "Saturday" from Jeff Hendrick. To complete "Color Blind" there is the fat funky smash hit "You're A Trip" featuring a.ka.Subliminal.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Back To The Days, Be Around You, Be Yours, Color Blind, How Do I, Island Girl, Saturday, You're A Trip

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