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Funk'N'Stein Funky Mission | 2010

Funk'N'Stein - Funky Mission Title: Funky Mission
Artist: Funk'N'Stein
Label: Soul Unsigned Records
Year: 2010
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The group Funk'N'Stein is on a "Funky Mission" as the title of their album says. The name Funk'N'Stein refers to the song "Dr. Funkenstein" by the funk band Parliament. On the album "Funky Mission" you will find ten tracks that are very much worth to listen to.

Some of the tracks like the title track are really steamy funky songs. Other tracks are less steamy and have a more jazzy feeling like the song "If 6 was 8". There is even a song on the album which might remind you of Eric Burdon and WAR.

Funk'N'Stein is a band from Israel with an international funky sound. Just like their idols Funkadalic and Parliament used to do they are spreading the funk. If you want to know what that means you have to listen to "That's Funk". That is a sweet funky track with at some point that tipical outer space sound that we know from the P-Funk. The funky flames are burning hot in "Choose Your Way" which feels so good. One song that might remind you of Eric Burdon and War is "Stay The Night". A great song to really party or even better really partey is "Dog & Cat". Another great dose of funk and soul you will find on the cool track "All Day Long". When you hear the last track "The Morning Hush" you will realise that the Funky Mission is over but you can play the album again.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Choose Your Way, All Day Long, Blue Lights, I Want Your Love, Dog & Cat, That's Funk, Stay The Night, The Morning Hush

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