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Eumir Deodato The Crossing | 2010

Eumir Deodato - The Crossing Title: The Crossing
Artist: Eumir Deodato
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2010
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Eumir Deodato works together with other great artists on his album "The Crossing". The album which has been produced by Nicolosi "Novecento" contains nine tracks. Guest musicians are Novecento, AL Jarreau, Londonbeat, Airto Moreira, Paco Sery, Billy Cobham and John Tropea.

The name Deodato we know from the songs "Also Sprach Zarathustra" and "Happy Hour". It was funky then and it is funky and jazzy now on "The Crossing". Eumir Deodato has also procuded many songs for many musicians and groups.

Eumir Deodato is your man on the electric piano and he has written or co-written the songs on "The Crossing". It is very pleasant to hear the familiar voice of Al Jarreau in the uptempo jazzy song "Double Face". Also his samba duet with Novecento called "I Want You More" feels good. On the funky title track "The Crossing" with on drums Paco Sery you will recognise the voices of Londonbeat. Londonbeat is also featuring on the song "No Getting Over You". They had a huge hit with "I've Been Thinking About You" back in the nineties. One of you favourite songs will surely be the instrumental "Border Line" with percussionist Airto Moreira. Other sweet instrumentals are "Night Passage" with a kind of Carlos Santana guitar style and "Summertime". You will also enjoy the wonderful guitar playing from John Tropea and Lino Nicolosi on the album.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Double Face, I Want You More, The Crossing, Night Passage, Rule My World, Border Line

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