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Donell Jones Lyrics | 2010

Donell Jones - Lyrics Title: Lyrics
Artist: Donell Jones
Label: eOne Music
Year: 2010
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On "Lyrics" from Donell Jones the guys are encouraged to good behaviour towards the girls. If you behave good you might be rewarded with the sweetest love. Except on "How I Wonder" the songs are about love, infidelity and sex.

As we hear on "The World Is Yours" Donell Jones is back to entertain us with r&b and hiphop. There are thirteen songs on "Lyrics" one of them "You Can Burn" is sung by a woman. Of the three dance songs the track "What's Next" feels like the best.

An absolutely great r&b song is "Love Like This" which is already released as a single. The kind of oriental rhythm which mingles with the r&b-flavour in this song is really awesome. On top of this we hear the smooth crooning and warm and sensual voice of Mr.D. Jones. Donell Jones might in fact be one of the sweetest r&b crooners of today. You can discover this yourself in "The Finer Things in Life" which might remind you of the young Babyface. The real hunger for love is expressed in the sweet love song "Just A Little". A pumping and steamy club song is "What's Next" ofcourse the answer to that is sex. But there is more in life as you will find out in "All About The Sex". If you are considering to have an affair just listen to "Imagine That". Another hot song on "Lyrics" to learn from is "Blackmail".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Like This, Blackmail, All About The Sex, What's Next, The Finer Things In Life, Just A Little

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