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Adriana Evans - Walking With The Night | 2010


Adriana Evans - Walking With The Night

Title: Walking With The Night
Artist: Adriana Evans
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2010

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Listening to the new Adriana Evans album "Walking In The Night" brings you pure pleasure. In her own style together with producer Dred Scott she explores new ways in music. At the same time Adriana Evans digs deep into the well of golden vintage soul music sounds.

In case you don't know, Adriana Evans is blessed with a beautiful and crystal clear voice. On the first half of the album Adriana takes the style she has developed with Dred Scott to a higher level. It is relaxed soulful music with sophisticated hip-hop sounds with a jazzy undertone.

However on the first track entitled "Waiting" we go back to the roots of soul music. The background vocals and the George Benson guitar riffs in "Suddenly" make you dream away. The funky song "Never Thought" will definitely take you to higher grounds. New ways in music are opening up here. "Love Me On The One" is another jewel on the album "Walking In The Night". With "Let You Get Away" Adriana Evans brings back the spirit of the great soul divas. You will think of Jean Knight's Mr. Big Stuff when you hear the song "Weatherman". Another classic that might come to your mind when you listen to "Sooner Or Later" is "I'm Your Puppet" from James and Bobby Purify. The sun surely comes through in "El Sol" where you can put into practice your salsa steps. That thirteen can be a lucky number you will find out in "Set In Stone" with its deep soulful groove and the heavenly sound of the organ. Is it a Hammond.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Waiting, Suddenly, Love Me On The One, Never Thought, Let You Get My Way, Sooner Or later, Weatherman, El Sol, Set In Stone

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