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Avery Sunshine makes her UK live debut | 2010

Avery Sunshine makes her UK live debut

Avery SunshineIt's only a few weeks until Avery Sunshine makes her long awaited UK live debut at London's Jazz Cafe.

Her November 4 appearance alongside Anthony David at the Atlanta Soul Session will be one of the highlights of the soul music calendar.

Avery Sunshine is a remarkable talent - a singer-songwriter-pianist rooted in gospel but fluent in many styles from soul and house to classical and hip-hop. She may have only released her first album this year but she has a wealth of experience as a singer, musician and choral director.

For release via iTunes on October 25 is a 4-track EP highlighted by the stunning "I Got Sunshine" and also including two brilliant solo "unplugged" performances.

To witness the special magic that is Avery Sunshine live, get your tickets now priced £15.00 from Jazz Cafe

And check out Avery's brand new video for "All In My Head" here.

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