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Soul and the City 9 | Soul and the city



Soul and the City #9 - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

In the waiting area of Boston’s train station,
I sit with burned-out students heading home for the
American holiday
we call
homeless prophets spin tales that no one understands
while the familiar phrase
“Spare any change” rings loud and clear,
looming in the shadows
hungry eyes
search for lost souls
to feed upon
out of necessity
or just to pass the time.
family gatherings and huge feasts
occupy the mind
for a couple of days…
allows time to forget about
slain bodies
high gas prices
overcrowded schools
pink slips
four more years of President Bush
on a mission
for them weapons
mass destruction.
ah yes… we Americans
adorned with
“everything old is new again”
close our eyes and give thanks
for the day
we wiped out them Injuns
a.k.a. Native Americans.
no, no, no this is not an
everybody’s protest novel-it’s my opus
for artists like myself
who claim their rightful place
in the
New Soul Movement…
do we burn incense
lay poetic tones over soulful grooves
that soothe the hearts and minds
of folk
lookin’ to be neo soulified
or do we
sport our
‘fros and locs
with a purpose?
bruthas and sistahs of old
tryin’ times helped
redefine and motivate
the mind
as well as the
so after much contemplation
I wonder
if we new soul artists will
better yet
politickin’ music?
will we get heads noddin’
thinkin’ ‘bout
the Right…
to choose-
who we love
the Right…
to ensure brown babies
are taught
about the Right…
to have
our own
conversation with God
about the Right…
to ask
what’s goin’ on?
Marvin, Donny, Roberta, Curtis,
Nina, Gil-Scott, Stevie
and many more
we claim as
and as Sistah Franklin sang
they…”rocked this nation”
so eloquently
folk gave up soulful poetry
and now
my bruthas and sistahs
of the
New Soul Movement
will we
tell our stories over a funkdafied groove
massage a heart
raise some hands
help somebody move
to a higher space?
I wonder
as I sit listening to a
symphony of cell phone melodies
one-sided conversations
make the train ride home
just a bit more
so many different faces
make this journey
in search of
amber waves of grain…
quietly I hum
a change is gonna come.

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