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Soul and the City 7 | Soul and the city



Soul and the City #7 - "The Good Life"

New York days of sunny weather, after weeks of April showers and dreary clouds, are a great reason to celebrate. The streets of Manhattan call out to all sorts of shopping, romantic strolls, lunches in the parks, and of course the tourist weaving their way through the busy streets.

If one happens to be passing by quickly as in a cab, a bus, or fancy limo if your lifestyle permits-this can be quite charming, even pleasant to watch. But if you are in the midst of this crowd eager to play in the season's loveliness, you have a different story to tell.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I had a session from 1-5 pm and a rehearsal scheduled for 7pm with Biti and Arif-ya know those singing folk who help keep a brutha's harmonies tight. So my plan was to hit the gym early before my session and get my workout on. Well, things started out real cool, did my cardio, bust the abs, and then hit the chest. I was feeling full of energy and ready to make my way uptown for the session. Not only was I invigorated and ready to work, I also felt that my rhythm was definitely in time with the city. My subway connections were good-so good that I had 20 minutes before the session to eat a little something and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

The session was off to a great start and I was just in a good zone. I felt as though I was really focused and making great connections with everyone involved in the project-ya know the music was happening, the ideas were flowing.

After the session, I decided to pick up something for dinner at the oh so popular Whole Foods Market -a gathering of healthy folk shopping for healthy food. It is always crowded but very exciting because there is always a good vibe in the place and there always interesting things to try out. So after making final decisions I pay for my organic kale, bananas, jalepeno peppers, garbanzo beans, avocado, and dark meat ground turkey and head for the subway home.

Now I must tell you the weekend subway ride in New York can be quite tricky because there is always track work taking place, which means the subway trains can be running on very peculiar schedules. This was the case with my subway of choice as I am trying to catch the 6:30 pm ferry to Staten Island-it is now 5:45pm and no train in sight!

At this moment I feel the New York City tension growing as impatient New Yorkers and tourist (who have been waiting much longer than me I discover) wait for this subway train that doesn't seem to be coming. As we all look at our watches I quickly think, "What is the next best subway move?" Ah Yes! Another train and then transfer-that way I may still catch the 6:30 pm ferry and are on time for rehearsal. So with all the cool an irritated subway passenger waiting on a late train can muster I beeline for an alternate train route determined to make the transfer and be on that ferry. NOT! The trains are not running at the transfer station, so with 15 minutes to go I set out to do the impossible-catch a cab on the busy street of West Houston and Broadway-haven of shoppers and more tourist!

So I move like a running back in the NFL through what looks like thousands of people (taking their good ole time) in hopes of catching yet another subway to make the 6:30pm ferry. Well this didn't happen I had to wait around for the train once again which meant I would be on the 7:00pm ferry. After being exhausted and stressed from all of this subway maneuvering, I decided to cancel rehearsal with Biti and Arif. In the midst of all of this frustration I received the most amazing gift, 22 minutes of peace. I sat on the ferry and played the Isley Brothers "For the Love of You" over and over while gazing at the water and a beautiful sunset. Yes folks I stretched out and chilled with one of the most soulful vocalist I have ever heard-Ron Isley (a.k.a. Mr. Biggs). And that frustrating 2hours of subway hell disappeared into nothingness as Brutha Isley crooned "I wanna be living for the love of you" I thought to myself, "It just doesn't get any better than this"

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