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Soul and the City 6 | Soul and the city



Soul and the City #6 - "Big Ole Nap"

It has been over a month since I have sat down to write Soul and the City, this however was not due to lack of inspiration-- there have been many thoughts, notes, and several attempts at completion. It's just that my time has been moving at such a pace, that I can barely remember to eat! But we have made it to 2004, and I hope everyone who logs in to SaveOurSoul has been well, and is ready to start our soulful journey once again...

January was a very busy month for me, I took off for Los Angeles, performed with The Dance Theatre of Harlem once again, and even performed a solo gig at the famed Temple Bar, where soulful warriors like Ledisi, Donnie, and Goapale carry the message. It was my first time sharing the music of Enter My Mind with the LA folk and also my first gig with just me! No Mood Control (my band) to help me bring the music, just me and the Rhodes! I had a great time, and learned a lot about how the music is able to speak in different arrangements.

I flew back to New York and took the stage that same night at Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, a hip Upper West Side club where you can always find a great hang and great music. It was really nice to be with the band again and we played for almost two hours! I cannot wait to hear the recording of the show. I think it was one of the best performances we've had in a while.

As if this whirlwind of motion is not enough, I was also preparing to move into a new place, and that means packing and making sure everything is set for the new home. Ya know the, cable, DSL modem (what do ya mean it is gonna take 8 days before I will have internet ascess!)... and on top of this the weekend I moved there was a snowstorm! Oh,I almost forgot to tell ya the semester started at Berklee College of Music and guess who is back teaching in the Voice Department along with gigging and putting his home together...that's right, yours truly...some call it crazy; I am still trying to find the right word. But wait, it gets better… we have Love Serenade- The Remix Project coming out mid February, Inspiration (the second single) on the way to radio as I am writing this, a gig at Joe's Pub with my gyrl Monet (February 13th), a few interviews, and more gigs to think about. Just writing this I am exhausted!

All of this is very exciting and I am happy to have this energy building up around the project-- ya know, hearing your music on the radio, having people tell you how much they enjoy your music, the is all great! It is all very exciting running up and down New York City's busy streets, running from studio to studio, cabs to the airport, interviews on the cell phone while you go to sound check, one big rush! And so while taking the ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island (about 22 minutes of downtime) I got to thinking...In a city that never sleeps, is it okay for the soul to take a big ole nap?

I decided to take a drive to Maryland (I grew up in this beautiful state) to visit my parents, search for clarity, and to get some of Mum's good eats. was just what I needed. Once there I ate, slept a lot, and just chilled. My Dad and I spoke about the business, my career, and the need to take things down a bit. I was able to remember how important it is to rest the body and the mind in order to be clear. I was able to remember how important it is to be still, to be in a space where things aren't moving so fast. I was able to remember how special family and friends are and how important it is to spend time with them. I was able to remember to just lie around and do nothing. I was able to talk with my Grandmum Josie who called at least four times a day to talk for just one minute. I understand that these things are very important for me to do what I do, and that is make beautiful music for beautiful people who love beautiful things and because of this beauty my soul was able to pull up the covers, grab the pillows and take a big ole nap!...Peace

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