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Soul and the City 10 | Soul and the city



Soul and the City #10 - "Spring In NYC"

Spring is definitely in the air here in NYC. No more snow, just some sunshine and heavy rain, but I would rather have that than the cold and the snow…brutha ain’t feelin’ the snow. Spring is definitely a great time of year to be in NYC, because it always feels as though the city has more energy…folk are shopping and just taking in the sites of the city. Spring is definitely a season of change and revitalization. A time of beautiful things and sounds and speaking of beautiful sounds have ya heard the new Tweet? I love that sistah and I am feeling the new CD!!! I am very excited because there will be a lot of new music heading our way for the spring and summer, and my new project, A Groove So Deep will be right there with ‘em…and li’l later in the year Jazzhole will be dropping our fifth CD!!!!!

Yeah, it has definitely been a creative winter and working on these two recordings has been a great learning experience. Every creative experience brings about great opportunities for growth. I love being a part of live music--there is nothing like the feeling of being in the moment and connecting with folk, all of us there because we love music…it is really a special thing. I close my eyes, lay back and hear Donny Hathaway’s live recordings, Marvin’s performance at Monterey, Aretha at the Filmore West, Jill Scott’s live CD, or seeing D’Angelo or the Roots live for the first time…precious moments!!! As I sit here enjoying this beautiful spring day I got to thinking… in a world where music can be cut, sliced, tweeked, sampled, pitch-corrected, transported through time--you name it--why is it important to keep the music live?

I thought I would ask brutha Carl Carter. Now for y’all that don’t know, Carl (bassist, songwriter, producer and band leader) is one of the baddest musicians I know. Carl has a love for the music thing that everyone in the band respects. So when I dropped this question on the brutha this is what he had to say…"Because that's where I'm from! I grew up in a time when those things that you've just mentioned didn't exist. You had to actually apply yourself to what you wanted. It's great to be able to cut, slice, sample, etc., but that's not making the music breathe! In a live setting, you can do anything you want really, you're not limited to any one way of doing something. Be it a type of groove, a timbre or whatever! Plus, with a live band, there is so much give and take, that's something you could NEVER slice together in my opinion. It's funny because when Enter My Mind came out, folks were trippin' 'cause a lot of it is live… just a bunch of cats in a room throwin' down. Folks looked at it as NEW but come on, ain't nothin' new about that concept! Even at the live shows, folks can't believe the band because we are applying ourselves to the music and are REALLY feelin' the result of that application! I guess that aesthetic doesn't happen too much any more but hey, I gotta do it that way, it's all I know! Hope that helps, Brotha Brotha!"

My man Carl always gonna come from that place that is true…well Jazzhole’s recording is just that way as well, a bunch of cats in a room throwin’ down…and the vibe is really nice. We recorded in Woodstock, NY and I remember at one point looking out at the mountains (it was snowing) as I was singing and thinking how deep it was to be recording our music in such a beautiful place. I thought I would see what Warren, the brainchild of Jazzhole had to say when I posed this Soul and the City question to him…

The importance of live music is that you get the creativity of a number of individuals, interacting with each other, all at once… good live music has musicians challenging each other, stimulating each other, encouraging each other, leading to all sorts of unpredictable and often inspired results…none of this is to say that music done in the studio, using technology cannot have its own magic - technology and human talent can blend together, to create a great effect....

Yeah, I guess it is that feeling of folk playing together that creates something that just takes the music to a whole ‘nother level. I am glad that I get to--as brutha Carl says--hang with a bunch of cats in a room and throw down …there ain’t too much that can top that feelgood…Peace

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