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Wade O. Brown SaveOurSoul artist of the Month Sept 2002


Discover the true meaning of soul...
Wade O. Brown


Wade O. BrownAs a young child growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Wade O. Brown sang in church, as most children do. Although his family and friends could see the natural talent that Wade possessed, he was just a kid having fun.

As a self-taught keyboard player, Wade joined the church's gospel band. They traveled back and forth to Toronto for gospel shows and conventions. He made friends with musicians in the GTA and with their guidance, began learning his way around a recording studio and familiarizing himself with the music business. At the tender age of 19, Wade decided to relocate to Toronto, on his own. In addition to his love for Toronto, he discovered a true love for music and a base of friends who would help nurture his talent. By 23 years old, Wade was playing keyboards and singing back up vocals for a local reggae band. He observed the art of stage performing and knew it was an art that he wanted to master. Wade was now ready to embrace the talent he was blessed with and began his quest for a solo career. There was no turning back. Wade's voice had developed into something wonderful and it was time to share it with the world.

At 25, Wade would get his first big break as a young and passionate musician. A new, American style restaurant was opening up in the downtown Toronto area and Wade took this opportunity to put his own band together and take the stage as a lead vocalist. Night after night, Wade O. Brown wowed his audience and kept the crowd coming back for more. Although the restaurant eventually closed its doors forever, Wade O. Brown's career was in full bloom. Now known for his outstanding stage presence, Wade commanded attention at every venue he performed at.

This rising star has gone on to build a list of credits that include a guest appearance on the hit HBO TV show Soul Food, and performing for none other than the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin at her special birthday event. In addition, Wade has co-starred in several theatrical productions throughout the Country and has been a key performer on the Bump & Hustle live music event in Toronto. It was evident that Toronto's music industry embraced Wade O. Brown's talents. He has been featured on several tracks from local artists, such as: Kardinal Official, Maestro, and Choclair to name a few. He has also performed live on MuchMusic and other networks across Canada.

Wade O. Brown is on his way to being a true modern soul man. He makes R&B music that comes from the heart with his back to basics, bona fide Motown-style music for the soul. He has built a steady fan base that appreciates his universally enlightening sound.

All Night, All Love
Wade O. Brown - All  Night, All Love Track Listing:
1. About Her
2. Put This On
3. All Night, All Love
4. Maybe
5. Just Good Friends
6. Besides
7. Where Do We Go for Love

8. So Glad
9. Shake
10. Wholeheart
11. How Does It Feel
12. Best of My Love
13. My All Is You
14. Now Is Mine
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Wade O. Brown - Complete Track Listing:
1. (i'm) All About You (remix)
2. You're So Beautiful
3. Intuition
4. Fool in Love
5. Give Me the Chance
6. Are You Feelin Me
7. Complete
8. Be My All

9. I Want It All Back
10. If You Love Somebody (set Them Free)
11. Will You Answer
12. Destiny Is Calling
13. When Tomorrow Comes
14. Soon With Time
15. (i'm) All About You
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SaveOurSoul interview with Wade O. Brown
13 September 2002

Wade grew up in Detroit with parents from Jamaican descent. As a youngster he trained his voice singing gospel at his church. The result of his voice training can be heard on his debut album "Complete". Back in the 70's and 80's Detroit was known as a rock city with a very diverse music scene. Ofcourse there was the Motown sound as well. Wade particularly loves the element of production in the Motown sound; "thick harmonies and full orchestra in the right dosis". All these types of musical influences are part of Wade O. Brown's musical background.

Wade O. BrownAs an adult Wade moved to Toronto in Canada, a city he frequently visited during his childhood. Here he felt comfortable and met the right people who support him in what he's doing. It's here where he got the opportunity to record his album entitled "Complete". While he was writing the credits for the album Wade thought of calling it "Complete". He did so because a lot of the time it was him writing, recording and producing this album in the studio-late at night. Also the unique opportunity in the studio to put every emotion and heartbeat he felt into this album and the fact that this is his first project are tied up in the title "Complete".

The inspiration for the songs come from; Wade's own experience, his imagination and subjects people talk about everyday. Wade explained to the crew that the songs on "Complete" are musically and emotionally on differents levels. What the songs have in common is a solid foundation. Wade took his time to learn different musical skills because he wants to be good in what he's doing. He makes the comparison with the U.K. music industry where producers make use of a solid foundation in whatever kind of music they produce.

Wade told the SaveOurSoul crew that the best way to bring R&B music to the audience is "Live". So people can feel and sense every emotion and hearbeat within the music. The SaveOurSoul crew really hopes to see Wade O. Brown perform soon in the Netherlands. That would make our introduction to Wade "Complete".

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